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By Anshul Pal Nov25,2023 #Raspberry Pi
What is a Raspad 3

Many Raspberry Pi enthusiasts aspire to have a portable Raspberry Pi setup, and there have been various endeavors to achieve this goal. Some enthusiasts have devised DIY methods like Motorola Atrix lapdock hacks, while commercial products such as the pi-top laptop and the Elecrow CrowPi2 learning notebook kit have also entered the market. Sunfounder’s RasPad 3 represents the company’s third venture into creating a portable “tablet” Pi. With a starting price of $150 (excluding the Raspberry Pi 4), it potentially offers a robust portable platform for learners.

The ideal portable setup would include a compact case, an onboard battery, built-in speakers, and a sizable touchscreen. However, the convenience and capability of such a setup in replacing larger Raspberry Pi configurations depend on individual expectations.

Raspad 3

The RasPad 3 comprises two interlocking pieces of injection-molded plastic fastened together with five machine screws. The primary section of the case accommodates the 10.1-inch 1280 x 800 pixel touchscreen and associated electronics. The secondary part serves as a protective shell, encapsulating the electronics and serving as a platform for a small fan positioned closely to the Raspberry Pi’s heatsink—requiring careful assembly.

In terms of design, the RasPad 3 leans more towards a wedge shape than a conventional tablet. Its thickness varies, measuring 1.8 inches (47mm) at the widest point and 0.6 inches (15mm) at its slimmest. Although labeled as a tablet, it diverges significantly in form factor, proving too substantial to conveniently slip into a bag. The wedge design is essential to accommodate the electronic components. Upon disassembly, two distinct boards become apparent: a bespoke board facilitating connectivity between the Raspberry Pi and external interfaces, and another board responsible for battery management and On-Screen Display (OSD) controls.

Raspberry Pi 5

The latest version of, the Raspberry Pi 5 Model 8GB. Now, the Raspberry Pi 5 has 64-bit Arm Cortex-A76 CPU and equipped with a quartet of cores with each operating at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. This indicates that compared to the earlier-released Raspberry Pi 4, it performs two to three times better.

Not only does it enable twin 4Kp60 display output via HDMI, but it also packs a powerful 800MHz VideoCore VII GPU. It also has an updated Raspberry Pi Image Signal Processor that provides cutting-edge camera features.. Raspberry Pi provides his users a smooth desktop experience and expands the possibilities for industrial.

Raspberry PI 5 Tablet

The Raspberry Pi 5 introduces features a brand-new component designed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation: the southbridge, an essential part of the chipset that aids with peripheral device connectivity. Enthusiasts claim that the RP1 southbridge will significantly boost peripheral functionality and performance. Faster data transmission speeds to external UAS drives and other peripherals are the result of this development.

Features of Raspad 3

  • RasPad features a lightweight and foldable design, ideal for remote programming and business trips.
  • The built-in touchpad eliminates the need to carry an extra mouse, streamlining on-the-go setups.
  • Compatibility extends to multiple operating systems, including Raspbian, iOS, Android, Windows, and more.
  • The device’s rigid structure is encased in aluminum, ensuring durability without compromising on a compact design.
  • Energy efficiency is prioritized with rechargeable batteries, requiring just 2 hours for a full RasPad charge.
  • The portable keyboard, once charged, boasts an impressive 560-hour duration, providing a reliable and long-lasting tool for programming needs.

Applications of RasPad 3

Here are some common Applications of Raspad 3:

  1. Build Projects via GPIO:
    • Retained GPIO interface for effortless connectivity.
    • Boosts hardware prototype efficiency by 10+ times, facilitating the creation of intricate projects anytime, anywhere.
  2. Learning Programming:
    • Supports both Blockly and Python programming languages.
    • Utilize Blockly to grasp programming logic and seamlessly transition to Python for skill advancement.
    • Choose your preferred language within the RasPad OS, creating and upgrading your own programming projects.
  3. Create IoT Projects:
    • Ideal for Smart Home IoT projects, enabling remote control of devices such as lamps and more.
    • RasPad 3.0 serves as an IoT project companion, capable of creating applications like Smart Light Switches, Device Controls, Curtain Controls, Security Camera Management, and more.
  4. 3D Printer Monitor:
    • Functions as a project dashboard, facilitating the monitoring and adjustment of 3D printing processes.
    • Records and manages your creative hacking and printing journey effectively.
  5. Supports the Latest Scratch 3.0:
    • Learning system provides immersive resources for exploration and tool creation.
    • RasPad 3.0 supports the latest Scratch 3.0, enabling users to engage in creative and educational projects.
  6. Start to Play Games:
    • High-resolution display (1280*800) for a quality gaming experience.
    • Built-in speakers with realistic stereo surround sound.
    • Equipped with an acceleration sensor for screen rotation, enhancing the immersive gaming and movie-watching experience.
  7. Step-by-Step Guide for Skill Progression:
    • Comprehensive guide facilitates a seamless transition from beginner to advanced maker.
    • Empowers users to explore the full potential of RasPad 3.0 for a diverse range of projects and activities.

In conclusion, RasPad 3 emerges as a versatile and innovative tool, seamlessly blending hardware and software capabilities. From swift GPIO connectivity for project building to supporting diverse programming languages, IoT applications, 3D printer monitoring, and immersive gaming experiences, RasPad 3 stands as a comprehensive solution for makers and learners alike.

FAQs on Raspad 3

Here are some common frequently asked questions related to Raspad 3. Like, what is a raspad 3?, Applications of raspad 3, Features of Raspad 3, and many more.

What is RasPad?

RasPad is a portable tablet designed for programming and learning, specifically tailored to work seamlessly with the Raspberry Pi 4B. It features a compact design, GPIO connectivity for hardware projects, support for programming languages like Blockly and Python, and versatility in applications such as IoT projects, 3D printer monitoring, and gaming.

What is the resolution of the RasPad 3 screen?

The RasPad 3 boasts a 10.1-inch IPS touchscreen display, offering a sharp resolution of 1280×800. With 10-point touch capability, it ensures a responsive and interactive user experience. Additionally, the device includes a full-size HDMI output, enhancing its versatility for connecting to external displays or other devices.

Why is there no sound on my RasPad 3?

If you encounter audio issues on your RasPad 3, it might result from the default output being configured for the headphone jack in the audio mixer settings. Resolve this by selecting the speaker icon in the bottom-right taskbar, accessing the Mixer, navigating to the Configuration tab, and unchecking the second Built-in Audio entry.

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