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By Anshul Pal Nov3,2023 #Raspberry Pi

Now is the perfect moment to dive into The MagPi magazine, especially with the release of issue #135. This edition is brimming with details about the exciting debut of Raspberry Pi 5, as well as a wealth of creative projects and enlightening step-by-step guides. Let’s explore the contents of this jam-packed edition!

Launch Special Raspberry Pi 5

The standout feature of this edition is unquestionably the introduction of Raspberry Pi 5. We’ve dedicated a special section to commemorate this groundbreaking technology, which now rivals the speed of conventional desktop computers. This exclusive feature kicks off on page 36, offering you a wealth of resources to ignite your creativity, including easy setup instructions, project concepts, and a guide to essential accessories.

Raspberry Pi 5 LaunchWorking at an exceptionally cool tech company is a real thrill, except when you have to stifle your excitement about a fantastic new product, keeping it under wraps from those who would eagerly soak up the news. It’s been a considerable relief for me that I can now openly discuss Raspberry Pi 5 (well, not exactly as I write this, but once the issue is released), and explain why all of you should share in the enthusiasm.

I have to say, looking at the Raspberry Pi 5 that’s currently on my desk, it looks really good. There’s no denying the irresistible attractiveness of the well designed printed circuit board (PCB), the elegant circuit traces that flow smoothly across the board, and the discrete soldered components. It makes me think of the renowned insistence of Steve Jobs on placing the Apple II chips in an aesthetically beautiful configuration, despite the fact that this arrangement would go unnoticed by most people. Making your computer aesthetically pleasing suddenly makes a lot more sense, though, when it comes as nothing more than a small board.

Exciting New Projects

MagPi ProjectsIn this edition, we shine a spotlight on a collection of ingenious projects that have emerged from the community. Among them, the captivating ScreenDress introduces animated eyes to the world of fashion through the use of LED screens. The Blackberry Pi project seamlessly blends nostalgia with cutting-edge technology, showcasing a Raspberry Pi Zero W computer elegantly integrated with a BlackBerry-style keyboard. On a different note, the Drill Press Camera elevates precision in the process of crafting holes in PCB boards.

Power of Potential of Raspberry Pi 5

Many of us at Raspberry Pi are buzzing with anticipation for the incorporation of PCI Express. NVME storage is undoubtedly remarkable, promising sleek and space-saving home file servers, but our real excitement lies in discovering what creative connections people will make in the days to come. How long before someone links an RTX 4090 to it? That’s when we’ll truly harness remarkable power.

While I’m certainly looking forward to utilizing it myself for retro gaming, desktop computing, and running a media server (the new VideoCore is truly impressive!), what truly ignites my enthusiasm is witnessing the inventive projects that our community members will dream up. Alasdair Allan, our Head of Documentation at Raspberry Pi, has already expressed interest in conducting more machine learning experiments to harness the additional processing power this chipset offers. What other groundbreaking ideas will you all come up with? As always, please flood The MagPi’s social media channels with your creations so that I can take a look.

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