Install Libmraa on Rock Pi 4

This guide describes Setting AP mode on ROCK Pi4. Here we use ROCK Pi 4 with Ubuntu system image.

Nowadays Rock Pi Boards are popular. Rock Pi is the best alternative of Raspberry Pi. Rock Pi 4 is a most popular SBC. Rock Pi Developed and Manufactured by Radxa. Radxa is a startup founded 2013, focusing on design, manufacture and sell Open Source Hardware products. Radxa also provides custom designing, prototyping and software/hardware integration services. Radxa® is pronounced as [reksə]. The name is from the Latin word radix which means root. Radxa® is a registered trade mark by Radxa Limited in Shenzhen, China(深圳市瑞莎科技).

Here a info post about Rock Pi Boards – Rock Pi Boards | Rock Pi 4 | Rock Pi X | Rock Pi N10

Setting AP mode on ROCK Pi4

Install Dependencies Packages

  $ sudo apt-get install git cmake hostapd

Install create_ap

  $ git clone
  $ cd create_ap
  $ sudo make install


  • Open network:


  $ sudo create_ap wlan0 eth0 ROCKPI4
  • WPA + WPA2 passphrase:

SSID: ROCKPI4 Password: 12345678

  $sudo create_ap wlan0 eth0 ROCKPI4 12345678

More information see GitHub: create_ap

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