libmraa on ROCK Pi S

This a guide to how to use libmraa on ROCK Pi S . All the instructions are done in terminal. Nowadays Rock Pi Boards are popular. Rock Pi is the best alternative of Raspberry Pi. Rock Pi 4 is a most popular SBC. Rock Pi Developed and Manufactured by Radxa. Radxa is a startup founded 2013, focusing on design, manufacture and sell Open Source Hardware products. Radxa also provides custom designing, prototyping and software/hardware integration services. Radxa® is pronounced as [reksə]. The name is from the Latin word radix which means root. Radxa® is a registered trade mark by Radxa Limited in Shenzhen, China(深圳市瑞莎科技).

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Install Libmraa on ROCK Pi S

Install essential packages

Package libmraa-rockpis is in the Radxa APT buster-testing repository. Edit file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/apt-radxa-com.list and add the following:

For Debian Buster

   deb buster main

Get the pub key

   wget -O - | sudo apt-key add -

Install essential packages:

   sudo apt-get update
   sudo apt-get install -y rockchip-overlay rockpis-dtbo libmraa-rockpis

Enable interface

See ROCK Pi S GPIO pintout. ROCK Pi S has a 26-pin colorful expansion header. Each pin is distinguished by color. mraa define follow:

Hardware V10

16 GPIO:

   PIN03      GPIO2_A2
   PIN05      GPIO2_B0
   PIN07      GPIO2_B3
   PIN09      GPIO4_C4
   PIN11      GPIO4_C2
   PIN12      GPIO4_A3
   PIN13      GPIO4_C6
   PIN15      GPIO4_C5
   PIN16      GPIO4_D2
   PIN18      GPIO4_D4
   PIN19      GPIO1_B0
   PIN21      GPIO1_A7
   PIN22      GPIO4_D5
   PIN23      GPIO1_B1
   PIN24      GPIO1_B2
   PIN26      GPIO1_B2

4 I2C:

   PIN23      I2C0_SDA
   PIN24      I2C0_SCL
   PIN3       I2C1_SCL
   PIN5       I2C1_SDA
   PIN13      I2C2_SDA
   PIN15      I2C2_SCL
   PIN12      I2C3_SCL
   PIN26      I2C3_SDA

2 SPI:

   PIN9       SPI0RX
   PIN11      SPI0TX
   PIN13      SPI0CLK
   PIN15      SPI0CSN
   PIN19      SPI2TX
   PIN21      SPI2RX
   PIN23      SPI2CLK
   PIN24      SPI2CSN


   PIN9       UART0_TX
   PIN11      UART0_RX
   PIN23      UART1_TX
   PIN24      UART1_RX
   PIN19      UART2_RX
   PIN21      UART2_TX

3 PWM:

   PIN22      PWM1
   PIN26      PWM2
   PIN12      PWM3


test gpio
test pwm
test uart
test spi
test adc

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