Adafruit PyPortal – IoT for CircuitPython

By Harshvardhan Mishra Feb 1, 2020
Adafruit PyPortal

The Adafruit PyPortal combines a 320×240 colour TFT display with a Cortex-M4 processor and an ESP32 WiFi module to create a web-based display programmable in CircuitPython or Arduino. The PyPortal uses an ATMEL (Microchip) ATSAMD51J20, and an Espressif ESP32 Wi-Fi coprocessor with TLS/SSL (secure web) support built-in.

PyPortal includes: speaker, light sensor, temperature sensor, NeoPixel, microSD card slot, 8MB flash, plug-in ports for I2C, and 2 analog/digital pins. There are 3D files available for custom enclosures and the board has mounting holes which are also compatible with badge lanyard fasteners.

Basically Adafruit PyPortal used for information display. The CircuitPython library includes the ability to do this almost automatically. Feed in your WiFi credentials, the URL of the data (in JSON format), and the bit of data you want to extract. Pair this with a background image and the location on the screen you want the text to appear, and you’ve got your Internet of Things display. Adafruit has guides using this basic formula to display stats for social media (such as YouTube subscriber counts or Reddit viewership), environmental data such as air quality, and text via a quote of the day.

PyPortal, is a easy-to-use IoT device that allows you to create all the things for the “Internet of Things” in minutes. Make custom touch screen interface GUIs, all open-source, and Python-powered using tinyJSON / APIs to get news, stock values, weather, cat photos, and more – all over Wi-Fi with the latest technologies. Create little pocket universes of joy that connect to something good. Rotate it 90 degrees, it’s a web-connected conference badge #badgelife.

The PyPortal Pynt is the little sister to our popular PyPortal – zapped with a shink ray to take the design from a 3.2″ diagonal down to 2.4″ diagonal screen – but otherwise the same! PyPortal Pynt has a 2.4″ diagonal 320 x 240 color TFT with resistive touch screen. Compared to the original PyPortal, the Pynt does not include a ADT7410 temperature sensor. Other than the ADT7410, the Pynt’s display, processor, STEMMA conectors and WiFi have the exact same wiring as the original 3.2″ PyPortal so all Arduino/CircuitPython code will run exactly the same – just smaller!

PyPortal is Open-Source hardware and Open-Source software, and it runs CircuitPython and Arduino code. Using CircuitPython, the device shows up as a USB drive and the code can be edited in any IDE, text editor, etc. You can have your IoT project up and running in minutes!

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